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Itoh Tree Peony Hybrids

Exciting new Itoh hybrid peonies including vibrant yellow peonies. Theses are the best of two worlds the garden peony and the tree peony have been cross bred to produce a hardy plant with marvelous tree peony colors and extreme hardiness. Because the plants and flower buds emerge from the ground every spring you don't have to worry about losing bloom like you do with tree peonies. Each of these are long blooming and vigorous plants. We sell mature divisions from field grown plants. We do not grow nor sell tissue cultured peony plants.

For visitors to the nursery we have a selection of blooming size Itoh Peonies in large pots.

Itoh Hybrid Tree Peony Anderson's KalaidoscopeItoh Tree Peony Hybrid Peony HillaryBrilliant Yellow Itoh Peony Garden Treasure

Peony Border Charm  (Hollingsworth 1984)
Peony Border Charm is a delightful yellow Itoh Hybrid Group intersectional, semi-double with red flares at the base of each petal. The plant has dark green foliage that remains attractive all season long. Week 6 bloom date rating.


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Itoh Tree Peony Hybrid Cora Louise

Peony Cora Louise Itoh Tree Peony Hybrid  (Anderson, R. 1986)

Peony Cora Louise is one of the fine new white Itoh, tree peony hybrids that has a striking purple center butterfly flare. The Itoh Hybrids all have excellent plant habits, long bloom seasons and great vigor. And they are much hardier than the tree peonies and send up flowering shoots from the ground each spring so there is no problem with lack of bloom after a harsh winter. Week 5 through week 6 bloom date rating.


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Itoh Tree Peony Hybrid Pastel Splendor

Peony Pastel Splendor Tree Peony Itoh Hybrid  (Anderson/Seidl 1996)

Peony Pastel Splendor is an Itoh tree peony/garden peony hybrid of subtle and beautiful coloration combining white and purple with a soft yellow under glow. Exceptionally strong stems need no staking. Week 5 bloom date rating. One of my favorite Itoh tree peony hybrids.


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Peony Bartzella GM/ALM SOLD OUT  (Anderson 1986)
Gold Medal and American Peony Society Award of Landscape Merit Winner! Fragrant, full double yellow intersectional hybrid with red flares. The 6-8" blooms are held on strong 32" stems above the dark green foliage of the plant. A profuse bloomer with a long season of bloom. These are strong, full size field grown divisions from original stock not small tissue culture plants! Week 5 - 6 bloom date rating.


[Sold out, we suggest Garden Treasure as a similar selection with bright yellow color. ]

Award of Landscape Merit Bright Yellow Itoh Peony Prairie Charm

Peony Prairie Charm ALM SOLD OUT  (Hollingsworth 1992)
Peony Prairie Charm is an Award of Landscape Merit Winner! Yellow flowering Itoh hybrid is a semi double bright yellow with robust leaves and red flares at the base of the petals. The side buds provide a succession of bloom for a long period of time during the bloom season. Vigorous hardy growth. 28 stems. Week 5 bloom date rating.


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Itoh Hybrid Tree Peony Anderson's Kalaidoscope

Peony Anderson's Kaleidoscope RARE SOLD OUT  (Anderson/Korder 2006)

Hurry, once we sell out  our next crop is ready to harvest in 2018! Peony Anderson's Kaleidoscope is a tree peony/garden peony Itoh hybrid with strong vigorous growth. The 36 inch stems hold rosy pink flowers splashed and striped with red and purple creating a kaleidoscope of color with every bloom being unique. Week 5 bloom date rating that extends for several weeks as the side buds open in succession.


[Sold out, next available 2018.]

Brilliant Yellow Itoh Peony Garden Treasure

Peony Garden Treasure GM/ALM SOLD OUT  (Hollingsworth 1984)
Peony Garden Treasure Gorgeous yellow Itoh intersectional hybrid of garden and tree peony parentage. It is semi-double to a full double bright yellow color with red flares at the base of the 20 - 50 petals. APS Gold Medal and Award of Landscape Merit Winner! Very hardy and vigorous. Plant in full sun. These are full size divisions from mature field grown plants that are true to type.


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