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Wisteria Blue Moon

Mail order Wisteria was all shipped in May. We have a nice selection available in pots at the nursery for pick up onsite.

Online ordering for Wisteria ended May 11th. We will have potted plants for sale and available for pick up at the nursery in pots.

Blue Moon Wisteria was developed by Harvey and Brigitte Buchite. Noted as one of the hardiest and free blooming of all native wisterias it has been blooming faithfully for over 25 years now, three times a summer in it's original location and many of our customers gardens too! We are happy to be able to share this blooming treasure through Hidden Springs Flower Farm.

To keep your shipping costs down and deliver the plants as quickly as possible we use the following special method which has worked very well in the past. Although more labor intensive we un-pot the plants leaving the root ball intact and protected. You will need to plant the Wisteria immediately upon receipt. Complete instructions will be included. Price now includes Priority Mail shipping.

We ship Wisteria once growth is evident about the first week in May although this year we have had the coldest spring on record so we are shipping starting May 14th. Thank you to all those lucky folks who ordered early and will be receiving their Wisteria Blue Moon this spring. Ordering for 2014 delivery has ended. 


Wisteria Blue Moon 2 Year Old Plant SOLD OUT  (Buchite 1997)
Wisteria Blue Moon was developed by Harvey and Brigitte Buchite and originally marketed through Rice Creek Gardens. We are happy to offer this wonderful hardy variety of the Kentucky Wisteria. Hardy to -40 degrees F. it will bloom up to three times a year when planted in full sun. We will be shipping very nice 2 year old+ plants from vegetative propagation of the original Blue Moon Wisteria plant. These are not newly rooted cuttings, grafted or tissue cultured plants.


Wisteria will be shipped as soon as growth is evident in May.


[No longer taking orders for spring 2014 shipping, available at the nursery only. ]

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