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Yellow Coral and Unusual Color Peony List

Here are a group of peonies that have unusual colors from distinct yellow color from dazzling golden yellow to soft butter yellow through candy striped red and white. A special unique group including some very yellow fragrant Itoh Group, Intersectional peonies that are the newest hybrids. Add something special to your garden this year with unusual and unique varieties from Hidden Springs Flower Farm.

Award of Landscape Merit Bright Yellow Itoh Peony Prairie CharmRare Candy Stripe Peony Independence DayPeony Honey Gold
Itoh Hybrid Tree Peony Anderson's Kalaidoscope

Peony Anderson's Kaleidoscope RARE SOLD OUT  (Anderson/Korder 2006)

Hurry, once we sell out  our next crop is ready to harvest in 2018! Peony Anderson's Kaleidoscope is a tree peony/garden peony Itoh hybrid with strong vigorous growth. The 36 inch stems hold rosy pink flowers splashed and striped with red and purple creating a kaleidoscope of color with every bloom being unique. Week 5 bloom date rating that extends for several weeks as the side buds open in succession.


[Sold out, next available 2018.]

Saunders Hybrid Peony Athena

Peony Athena   (Saunders 1949)
Peony Athena is a stunning patterned, early blooming single, apricot buff with rosy pink flares inside each petal. The strong 30" stems grow quickly in the spring and the flower has a pleasant,light fragrance. This is one of Professor Saunders' Quad hybrids involving 4 different peony species in its background. The foliage stays healthy all season. Plant in full sun. Week 2 bloom date rating.


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Peony Bartzella GM/ALM   (Anderson 1986)
Gold Medal and American Peony Society Award of Landscape Merit Winner! Fragrant, full double yellow intersectional hybrid with red flares. The 6-8" blooms are held on strong 32" stems above the dark green foliage of the plant. A profuse bloomer with a long season of bloom. These are strong, full size field grown divisions from original stock not small tissue culture plants! Week 5 - 6 bloom date rating.


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Brilliant Red Hybrid Peony Cardinal's Robe

Peony Cardinal's Robe  (Saunders 1940)

Peony Cardinal's Robe is a single hybrid peony with glossy, scarlet red flowers. A sought after rarity of many Saunders peony collectors and noted as one of his best for its brilliant color. Compact at only 26” tall. Plant in full sun in a well drained soil. Week 4 bloom date rating.


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Fragrant Peony Chestine Gowdy

Peony Chestine Gowdy  (Brand 1913)
Peony Chestine Gowdy Aahh! What a wonderfully fragrant, late blooming, full double. With a bright rose pink center and guard petals separated by a collar of cream colored petals it creates a unique effect. 26" tall. In a bouquet this is just heavenly for the fragrance. Use it genorusly along a fence for a plentiful supply of blooms to share with friends and family. Plant in full sun. Week 6 bloom date rating.


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Itoh Tree Peony Hybrid Cora Louise

Peony Cora Louise Itoh Tree Peony Hybrid  (Anderson, R. 1986)

Peony Cora Louise is one of the fine new white Itoh, tree peony hybrids that has a striking purple center butterfly flare. The Itoh Hybrids all have excellent plant habits, long bloom seasons and great vigor. And they are much hardier than the tree peonies and send up flowering shoots from the ground each spring so there is no problem with lack of bloom after a harsh winter. Week 5 through week 6 bloom date rating.


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Gold Medal Winner Peony Coral Charm

Peony Coral Charm GM  (Wissing 1964)
Peony Coral Charm has warm tropical coral tones with a cupped old fashion rose shaped bloom are awesome in the spring garden. Very vigorous hybrid, semi-double, early, 36". APS Gold Medal winner. Lovely cupped shape, semi-double blooms of coral peach coloring. Strong stems and wonderful flower color make this a fine garden plant. Plant in full sun in a well drained soil. Week 5 bloom date rating.


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Rare Saunders Peony Coralie

Peony Coralie RARE  (Saunders 1940)
Peony Coralie is a rare Saunders hybrid with very large single crepe-like blooms of a glowing coral pink color. Peony Coralie is a "lobata of Perry" hybrid that has the genes for the fantastic bright coral pink colors that were unknown in the common garden peonies that form the backbone of most garden peonies. Earlier blooming it is an outstanding addition to the border. It has large pointed buds that make it easy to pick out in the field as the flower approaches bloom season. Plant in full sun in a well drained soil. Week 4 bloom date rating.


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Peony Daisy Coronet from Hidden Springs Flower Farm

Peony Daisy Coronet   (Kreckler/Klehm 1995)
Peony Daisy Coronet is an unusual small flowered peony with a red daisy like bloom. Quite unlike anything you would expect in a peony. The floral designers think it is exotic looking and when it has been used in a simple arrangement it is just mysterious looking. For the hybridizers looking for something unique this one will produce seeds.Plant in full sun. Week 5 bloom date rating.


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Fertile Hybrid Peony Dearest

Peony Dearest  (Pehrson/Hollingsworth 1992)
Peony Dearest is a single pink hybrid, fertile tetraploid, greenish cream white petals edged and veined cool, sharp pink, stigmas and filaments pink, a new unique pattern for peonies, very early and very strong 34" stems. Useful for further hybridizing, fertile both ways. Dawn Glow is one of it's parents. The glossy reflective surface of the petals is a unique feature of this flower. Plant in full sun in a well drained soil. Week 3 bloom date rating.


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Yellow and White Peony Faribo Gold

Peony Faribo Gold  (Tischler 1966)
Peony Faribo Gold has crisp white outer petals and a brilliant golden yellow center that makes Faribo Gold stand out at bloom time for those gardeners who want a peony that brings a spark of brilliance to their garden at that time of the bloom season. This tall white Japanese variety is a vigorous growing plant and produces a good quantity of flowers. Plant in full sun. Week 6 bloom date rating.


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Peony Fuchsia Beauty

Peony Fuchsia Beauty  (Hidden Springs Pending Registration)
Peony Fuchsia Beauty is a fuschia-red single to semi-double, vigorous, great flower presentation, dark green foliage. The color makes it stand out and the foliage stays healthy all season long. Week 5 bloom date rating. Plant in full sun.


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Brilliant Yellow Itoh Peony Garden Treasure

Peony Garden Treasure GM/ALM  (Hollingsworth 1984)
Peony Garden Treasure Gorgeous yellow Itoh intersectional hybrid of garden and tree peony parentage. It is semi-double to a full double bright yellow color with red flares at the base of the 20 - 50 petals. APS Gold Medal and Award of Landscape Merit Winner! Very hardy and vigorous. Plant in full sun. These are full size divisions from mature field grown plants that are true to type.


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Hybrid Yellow Peony Goldilocks

Peony Goldilocks SOLD OUT  (Gilbertson 1975)
Peony Goldilocks is a bomb shaped double light yellow hybrid, early-midseason, has produced a few seeds. Medium height strong stems with up to three flowers per stem. It has a spreading bush habit with large green leaves. With its parents of Oriental Gold and Claire de Lune it is most likely a diploid but since it has no pollen it is used as a seed parent when the stigmas are normally shaped. Plant in full sun. This is a very good cut flower and will be a brighter yellow if the flower is cut when just opening and brought indoors to enjoy. Only 3 available this year and then will be withdrawn until 2018 as we rebuild stock. Week 4 bloom date rating.


[Sold out - next available in 2017 -2018.]

Exotic Peony Green Lotus

Peony Green Lotus  (Klehm 1995)
Peony Green Lotus is a very unusual single lactiflora with green and white petals faintly tinted with pink, 29" tall, 4" flowers, very vigorous. It has produced fertile seed. When used as a cut flower it creates lots of comments as people can not figure what kind of flower it is with it’s unusual shape and coloration. Plant in full sun. Week 4 bloom date rating. Photo by Sharon Schmitz


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Peony Honey Gold

Peony Honey Gold  (Klehm 1966)
Peony Honey Gold a double white with a mass of yellow petals in the center. Fragrant, 30" mid-season. Peony gardeners are so thrilled whenever it is offered because it makes a such a good cut flower and is so distinctive in the garden. Very impressive! Plant in full sun. Week 5 bloom date rating.


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Rare Candy Stripe Peony Independence Day

Peony Independence Day SOLD OUT UNTIL 2019  (Kornder 1999)
SOLD OUT DUE TO WORLD-WIDE DEMAND! WE DIG THE NEXT CROP IN 2019! This sold out the first day offered last year, and this year crop did not last much more then a few weeks. Peony Independence Day is a double candy striped peony introduced by Tim Kornder and has rarely been offered. Strong coloration and full double form with vigorous growth makes it a great garden subject. And for the peony breeders it passes on it's candy stripe pattern to it's offspring. Some of these seedlings began blooming last year and will go through a 15 year cycle of evaluation and increase until ready to release. Strong 34 inch tall stems hold the blooms up without support. Stronger stems than Peony Candy Stripe. Week 5 bloom date rating.



Freshly Opened Peony Joker

Peony Joker  (Bockstoce/Landis/Rogers 2004)

Peony Joker is a full double hybrid that opens a clear deep pink and quickly changes color to white with a fantastic pink picotee edged petals. Look online for other images to see the wonderful transformation. The plant grows 32 inches tall and the growth habit is compact. The stems are strong and hold the flower without any support. Beginging of week 5 bloom date rating.


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Fragrant Peony Laura Dessert

Peony Laura Dessert SOLD OUT  (Dessert 1913)
Peony Laura Dessert. Double Anemone form, may have a pink cast to petals while the bud is opening and a distinct lemon yellow ball of petals when first open. Strong grower and quite generous bloomer. Holds color nicely when cut early and brought in for display where its fragrance can be admired. The foliage is a very healthy dark green. One of my top 10 personal favorites. Plant in full sun. Week 5 bloom date rating. Supplies are limited.


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Fertile Yellow Breeder Peony Lemon Chiffon

Peony Lemon Chiffon  (Reath 1981)
Peony Lemon Chiffon is perhaps the most important double yellow hybid in existence because it is fertile as a pollen or seed parent and produces double offspring. The strong stems easily hold the large nearly double blooms upright on 32 stems. These are large blooming size divisions that should bloom next year not tissue cultured plants. If you are breeding yellow peonies this plant is a cornerstone plant to get you ahead of the curve.

Some of the offspring seen from other breeders have been very impressive and we can hardly wait for our own first seedlings to bloom. Lemon Chiffon is the parent of the nearly impossible to find peony Pastelegance. Week 5 bloom date rating. Plant in full sun.


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The bright to pastel colors of yellow peony varieties add a touch of exotic charm to your garden.

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