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Peonies and Daylilies from
Hidden Springs Flower Farm

Gold Medal Peony Myra MacraeDouble White Peony DuluthBarbara Mitchell Daylily from Hidden Springs Flower Farm

2015 Online Catalog of bare root Peonies and Daylilies.

Shop now through May 10 for daylilies shipped the week of May 18th. Order now and enjoy bloom this year!

We are now taking orders for fall shipped 3-5 eye division peony roots.

Check our Facebook Page - Hidden Springs Flower Farm - for up to the minute news on the nursery, more colorful pictures.

angelcheeks12014wmk.jpgAngel Cheeks Award winning and gorgeous bomb shaped double pink.  A superb garden and cut flower it earned the coveted American Peony Society Award of Landscape Merit designation given to only the top performing landscape peonies.

You'll find many other delightful peonies for your garden in a wide vareity of colors, shapes and forms.  We invite you to the farm to see and smell the hundreds of peonies grown right here at our farm in Spring Grove Minnesota.


Wedding Peonies from Hidden Springs Flower Farm for DIY BridesThank you for choosing your wedding peonies from Hidden Springs Flower Farm. We carefully select and hand harvest your wedding peonies fresh from our fields so you get a great value and esquisite quality with no middle-man mark ups.

Now is the perfect time to order Wedding Peonies for DIY Brides from Hidden Springs Flower Farm. E-mail, call or place an order online. We're here to help make your wedding memorable. Please see the Wedding Peonies Page to place an order and reserve your flowers. For more information see the FAQ Cut Flower Page.

986081wmk.jpgEnjoy a wonderful assortment of peonies and daylilies to bring beauty to your garden.  

Peonies and daylilies provide big splashes of color in your garden.  

Spring daylily varieties are shipped May 18 - 22 and summer listed daylilies are shipped August 10 - 14.  

Peony roots are shipped in the fall September 15 - October 21 the proper time for planting bare root peonies.

Excellent growing conditions in the north help peonies develop the largest eyes when allowed to mature their buds in the field and dug in Mid to late September.

Growing them the extra few weeks to grow to full maturity gives them a chance to go dormant and has produced larger eyes (buds) that develop into stronger stems the following spring. 

klehm2.jpgDaylily orders can be combined with peony orders at the same time by clicking the Combined Daylily and Peony Order Item found at the top of the daylily pages. You'll save $7 on the base shipping charge rather than sending in separate orders and your orders will be split and shipped at the proper season in the spring and summer for dayliles and fall for Peonies. 

We grow all the colorful, fragrant northern hardy daylilies and peonies we offer right here in Spring Grove, MN. 

Peony orders received by August 15th are freshly dug by hand in the fall when the roots are ripe for harvest starting mid-September and shipped September 15 to October 17th, the proper time for planting bare root peonies.

Peonies grow best in USDA Growing Zones 3-8 which are cold climate areas with hard freezes for extended periods during the winter.

We offer a wide range of peony colors and flower forms. Choose from fragrant, award winning, doubles, single and Japanese forms of peonies grown in fertile Minnesota soils.

All of the plants we offer are grown in Spring Grove, Minnesota and cared for by Brigitte and Harvey right here on our family farm. The fields are nestled in a valley between hillsides covered with majestic oaks, walnut and hickory woodlands.

We appreciate your visit to the web site or farm and thank those of you who have selected our peonies to prosper and grow under your loving care.
Happy Gardening! Brigitte and Harvey

We are a small family farm, not a large corporation with no name, we take pride and responsibility for delivering a product we would like to receive ourselves. We hope you will take pride in growing the plants you purchase from Hidden Springs Flower Farm too.

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