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Hidden Springs Flower Farm
PO Box 602
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Spring Grove, MN 55974

Cut Flower Peony FAQ's


Hidden Springs Flower Farm harvests fresh cut peonies from our fields during the month of June for local DIY weddings and events.

wedding2.jpgCongratulations on your engagement and THANK YOU for considering farm fresh flowers from Hidden Springs Flower Farm. We look forward to making your event special with beautiful flowers from Hidden Springs Flower Farm. We appreciate your support! We area happy to meet with you to discuss your needs by appointment.  Brigitte and Harvey

What is your minimum order size and pricing?

We harvest them bundled 5 stems to a bunch and appreciate it when you order in multiples of 5. Our price per stem is below wholesale because there is no middle-man! That's a great value and you receive the freshest possible flowers. 

As a local family farm selling directly to you we offer an incredibly fresh, high quality product. Local florists are welcome to purchase from us also!  Our premium varieties like Red Charm and Coral Charm hybrids are priced the same as the traditional kinds. 

When are cut flower peonies available?

The last week of May through the end of June although we need to know before May 1st to prepare the plants for cutting for specific color selections.  White and blush doubles are typically sold out before February. We encourage you to order early.

Orders must be received before May 1st. After May 1st flower color selection will be limited to what is currently available and not pre-sold since peonies for cut flowers need be disbudded before May 1st.  

Pre-ordered peonies are harvested 2 to 3 times a day at just the right stage of development. The gorgeous hybrid corals, brilliant reds, chocolate-reds and hot pinks typically bloom earlier followed by the traditional white, pink and red doubles loved for generations.

How and when do I pre-order fresh cut peonies from Hidden Springs Flower Farm?

1.) You may order by phone with a credit card. 

2.) By mail before April 15th to allow us time to confirm availability.  

3.) Order online before May 1st .  

When do we pick up the peony flowers we've pre-ordered?

The flowers are cut fresh to order, conditioned and placed into our cooler so we can schedule pick ups 1-3 days before your wedding or event. If you are having a florist assemble your flowers ask them how soon they would like them ahead of the event. You will need to let us know at the time you order so that we can schedule your harvest date.

Do I need to bring containers to transport my flowers?

Containers are available for $4 each at pick up or you may bring your own clean 5 gallon bucket or 12 inches tall container for every 25 - 30 stems.

What is your cancellation policy? Cancellations received before April 1st by e-mail or in writing is 25%.   

Can I drop by and take a chance and pick up flowers when they are in bloom? 

Yes, but we need 48 hour notice from June 1 - 15th but white and light blush colors are not available on a drop by basis. The porice is the same as pre-ordered cuts. 

Can you ship my cut flower order?

No, our goal is to market locally to keep our products high quality and fresh with prices as low as possible while reducing our carbon footprint. 

Our farm is pollenator friendly to protect honey bees and natural pollenators that are necessary to produce our food crops. We do not use insecticides on our cut flower crop. 

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