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Hidden Springs Flower Farm
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18581 County Road 4
Spring Grove, MN 55974
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Hidden Springs Flower Farm
PO Box 602
18581 County Road 4
Spring Grove, MN 55974

Available at the Nursery

Potted peonies, perennials, flowering vines, unusual flowering trees, shrubs and evergreens. 

The nursery opens for 2019 on May 1st.  

Potted peonies including; the rare double red fern leaf peony, hybrid peonies, tree peonies, Itoh Tree Peony Hybrids, Fragrant and Award Winning Garden peonies.  

Sun loving perennials; Daylilies, Asiatic and Orienpet lilies, party colored cone flowers, fall blooming asters, tall and ground cover sedums, hens and chicks, balloon flower, tall garden phlox, monarda purple and red selections, Siberian Iris, wide selection of dwarf miniature iris, Campanula, Hardy Hibiscus and more.

Shade loving; Astilbe, Hosta mini to large, Blood Root, Jack in the Pulpit, Native Blue Woodland Clematis, Iris tectorum, Iris cristata, Colorful Coral Bells, Heucherella, Tiarella, Lamiastrum, Bergenia, European and native ginger

Vines; 20 kinds of repeat bloom and double flowered Clematis, native wildflowers, Variegated Honeysuckle Vine, our own introduction of the repeat blooming Wisteria Blue Moon, 3 kinds of Beer Making Hops (WooHoo!) 

Unusual Trees; American Beech, Repeat blooming, fragrant yellow Catalpa ovata, Ginkgo, Northern sourced Ohio Buckeye grown from seed, Red flowered Buckeye 'Brioti', White Beam Ash, River Birch, Katsura Tree, Dwarf flowering crab apples including weeping forms that mature at 8-10' in height, pink and white flowered and red and yellow fruit for our migrating and winter bird friends. 

Evergreens; Wide selection of ground cover Junipers, miniature Arborvitae in pillar and globe shapes in green or gold color forms.  

A wide selection of 30 different dessert, baking, juice and hard cider apples on dwarf and semi-dwarf disease resistant Geneva root stock. Some of the best antique and new generation apples that require no spraying. You won't find these at the hardware store. source!

You will find fantastic, flavorful russets like; Ashmead's Kernal, Golden Russet, Reinette Zabergau, and Roxbury Russet. 

Hard cider varieties like Brown's Apple, Campfield, Dabinet, Harrison Cider, Kronebusch, Red Byrd Bitter, Redfield and Wickson.

Heirloom Apples grafted onto the finest new Geneva dwarfing rootstocks for manageable size, excellent disease resistance and quick cropping in 2 years so you don't have to wait 5 - 8 years for your first apples. Long storing apples like; Baldwin, Black Oxford, Blue Pearmain, and Spitzenburg Esopus grown by Thomas Jefferson at Monticello!

For those who prefer not to spray chemicals we have a group of apples, both modern and heirlooms noted for disease resistance too. Just think chemical free apples fresh from your own trees. And the heirloom varieties we carry have incomparable flavors you won't find in the super market apples that have been stored for months. It doesn't get any better than that now does it?

Shrubs;Fragrant miniature lilacs, Japanese Tree Lilac and early blooming large lilacs, Fantail Willow, Pussy Willow, Scarlet Curls Willow,  Painted Buckeye, Bottle Brush Buckeye, Red Buckeye.  Colorful flowering shrubs including; Hydrangea in white or pink selections, Diablo, Centerglow and the new Minnesota Sunrise Ninebark and Royalty Ninebark, Spirea MertyAnn and Magic Carpet. 

Magnolia including pink, white, yellow flowers and seedlings from our own breeding program. Repeat flowering woodland magnolia too!

Minnesota Hardy cactus with colorful blooms in yellow, pink, peach and red.

All this and more waiting for you to discover something new and exciting for your garden this year at Hidden Springs Flower Farm.

Come for a visit and see what treasures you will find at Hidden Springs Flower Farm, Specialty Nursery. 

Please note: Cut flowers and potted plants, trees and vines are only available for purchase and pick up at the nursery. Plants available at the farm and nursery may include different peony varieties than those offered on the web site for fall shipping.

2019 Nursery Dates and Hours:

Open 10 am - 5 pm Wednesday - Sunday May 1 - August 18. Closed Monday and Tuesdays.  

We add items from our propagation program as they fill out their pots and are ready to go to a new garden home.


Wisteria Blue Moon Available at the nursery in #3 pots.  (Buchite 1997)

Wisteria Blue Moon was developed by Harvey and Brigitte Buchite and all plants are from cuttings of the original plant which we have moved to Spring Grove to enjoy at the farm where we now grow all of our plants. We are happy to offer this wonderful hardy variety of the Kentucky Wisteria. Hardy to -40 degrees F. it will bloom up to three times a year when planted in full sun. We offer large budded and blooming size vines in #3 containers for a reasonable price at the nursery. Sorry they are too large to ship.


[Available at the nursery in large pots only. ]

About the 2019 Apple Tree List We have started grafting a number of different apples on the new Geneva disease resistant root stock. This adds to their value for earlier blooming and better yields in many cases on a smaller, more manageable tree. Those gardeners seeking truly delicious heirloom apples that have nearly gone extinct can now help preserve and enjoy them for another generation. Grafting them ourselves allows us to offer a wide diversity of apples that include disease resistant, eating, dessert, cooking, juice and both heirloom and some of the newest hard cider types. It takes 2 years time to produce these special trees. For example; trees grafted in the spring of 2018 will typically not be ready to sell until 2020. The semi-dwarf kinds that grow to about to 15 feet and require no staking seem to be the most requested so that is what we have been focusing on. Dwarf trees need a support stake because the produce full size apples and lots of them. Some of the smaller semi-dwarf trees may need support and some of the larger semi-dwarf root stocks will only need support while getting established. We can help you with any questions you have regarding root stock combinations. Some root stocks also produce better on loamy soils and some better on sandy soils. 

Enjoy 28 apple varieties to choose from this spring! Apple trees are only available for pick up at the nursery - sorry no mail order at this time.

Desert Apples These make the best eating apples and are used fresh and also in salads. Blue Pearmain (An heirloom from England known for its long storing qualities and winter hardiness) , Novaspy (disease resistant hybrid of Northern Spy and Golden Delicious, sweet with good storage qualities), Bonkers (NY35 an un-official release from the disease resistant apple program in Geneva, NY but people are crazy for it. Very large dark red apples are very appealing.) Rubinette  From Switzerland it is an intense honeyed, pear-drop sweet variety with the famous Cox Orange Pippin as a parent with just enough tartness to give it great appeal. Prime Red is noted for it's early harvest season and suggested by many as one of the best early apples due to its firm flesh and balance of sweet and tart flavor with flavor notes of mild raspberry, strawberry and kiwi! Eat it right off your tree and share with friends long before most apples start to ripen.

Hard Cider Varieties are used for juice or hard cider but do not make good eating apples. Brown's Apple, Campfield, Harrison Cider, Kronebusch, Dabinett, Redfield, Red Byrd Bitter and Wickson which is also a great eating apple.

Dual Purpose Varieties make great dessert apples for fresh eating and can also be used in juice and hard cider blends as well as being great culinary or cooking apples. Many of these are rare heirloom varieties that have survived for centuries in some cases. Arkansas Black flavorful and dark red in color will be available in the future.  Baldwin, noted for its ability to remain good in storage all winter long and actually improves in flavor after storage. Black Oxford, incredible dark red and the first to sell out when we have it available.   Newtown Pippin from 1795 American Colonies it is the main ingredient of an award wining fresh cider producers. Spitzenberg Esopus the famous apple of Thomas Jefferson 1790. Wickson is a delicious sweet large crab apple perfect for snacking that also makes an excellent addition to fresh and hard ciders. It is our number one recommended pollinator for our other apple trees because it is so versatile.

Russet apples: These apples have a rough brown skin that hides some of the richest and most flavorful apples ever grown. As you can see we are big fans of this group at Hidden Springs and have several more varieties that will be ready in the future.  Ashmead's Kernal an English russet variety from 1740. Roxbury Russet a top notch American russet apple from 1635!  Saint Edmund's Russet is the earliest ripening russet and excellent flavored it is from England 1875. Reinette Zabergau a deliciously flavored russet apple from Germany in 1885. Golden Russet a must have russet apple for fresh eating and both fresh and hard cider. Some say this is the one to choose if you only have room for one russet apple.  

Disease Resistant Apples are a must for those who don't want to spray pesticides on their fruit trees. We recommend; Enterprise a bright red apple, Liberty, Bonkers, Novaspy and Winecrisp as some of the best of the newer apples introduced. 

Black Oxford, Redfield (a red fleshed apple!) and Spitzenberg Esopus sold out last year but we will have nice trees available again this spring for the early-bird shoppers. 

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