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Hidden Springs Flower Farm
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About the 2021 Online Catalog

2021 catalog highlights include fragrant, rare French Heirlooms that our grandparents grew. Special varieties returning after several years off the list.  Strong emphasis on fragrance, strong stem, self supporting awarded peonies, Itoh and early blooming hybrids including Dr. Saunders creations. Many items sell out quickly so we encourage you to order early.

Payment is processed at the time you place your order to reserve your plants because of the security payment system in place.

Brilliant Yellow Itoh Peony Garden Treasure

Itoh Hybrid Collection Bartzella, Garden Treasure, First Arrival
One each of Bartzella, Garden Treasure and First Arrival 3-5 eye field grown divisions. (Not tissue culture!) All of these have strong stems that require no support when grown in full sun. Plant in a well drained soil.

Sale Price: $124.99

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Peony My Love

Fragrant Blush/White Peony Collection My Love, Frances Willard, Lady Alexandra Duff
One field grown division with 3 - 5 eyes each of My Love, Frances Willard, and Lady Alexandra Duff. Plant in full sun in a well drained soil. Limited number available. Each distinct fragant variety in this collection is perfect for cutting and enjoying in a vase or the garden!

Sale Price: $69.97

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Red Memorial Day Peony.

Double Memorial Day Peony Collection
Collection includes one each of the 3 different Double Memorial Day Peonies. Alba Plena, Rosea Plena and Rubra Plena. Plant in a sunny location with excellent soil drainage. Fragrant flowers.

Sale Price: $69.95

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Fragrant Pink Double Peony Mons Jules Elie

Fragrant Pink Peony Collection Edulis Superba, Mons Jules Elie, Alex Fleming
One 3-5 eye division each of Edulis Superba, Mons Jules Elie and Alex Fleming. Plant in a well drained soil in full sun for colorful and fragrant blooms for the next century! Available as fresh dug dormant roots for fall shipping. No substitutions will be made. Limited number of collections available.

Sale Price: $59.97

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White Heirloom Collection Avalanche, Mons Dupont, Double White Memorial Peony
One each, 3-5 eye root divisions of Avalanche, Mons Dupont and Paeonia officinalis alba plena the rare, fragrant double white Memorial Day Peony.

Sale Price: $64.99

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Peony Gay Paree Award winning fragrant Japanese form.

Week 2 - 6 Bloom Peony Collection Early Scout, Pink Memorial, Paula Fay, Gay Paree, Alex Fleming
SAVE 20% with this collection that starts the bloom season with the fern peony hybrid Early Scout in week 2, the species Pink Memorial Peony week 3, brilliant neon pink hybrid - Paula Fay week 4, anemone from award winning Gay Paree week 5 and ends with the smooth pink double Alex Fleming that is beautiful in the garden or as a cut flower.

Sale Price: $103.95

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