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Thank you for visiting our website.  Hidden Spring Flower Farm is now closed for 2014 ordering. The new 2015 peony and daylily listings will be posted in November.  Right now we are outside in the fields planting peonies or potting them for sale at the nursery next spring.

We would like to remind gardeners that even with up to over one hundred plants of a particular variety we do sell out of rarer and high demand peonies. So, the gentle message is that if you really would like a particular variety place your order early.  Unlike other products each crop is planned for 4 years in advance and weather conditions during those 4 years determine the number of roots we will have at harvest. Dry growing conditions reduce the yields at harvest time. 2014 was an excellent growing season and we hope that will continue for the next year.

The 2015 Online Catalog will be ready for viewing and ordering with the new peony listings mid to late November. Spring shipped daylilies will be listed later in the winter as we work on descriptions, photos and uploading the information to the web site. 

Thank you to everyone this past season for your interest and orders, we hope you will have beautiful peonies to enjoy in your garden for many years.  

Fall bare root peony shipping is always September 15th - October 17th for regular season orders and slightly later for Last Chance Orders received in October, the proper time for planting bare root peonies.

Peonies - new, rare, and heritage peonies, all in amazing colors, from brilliant white, red and pink to bright yellow, coral and pastels of all shades are grown right here at Hidden Springs Flower Farm Spring Grove, Minnesota in the heartland of America. Peonies will bring years of beauty and enjoyment to your garden as they have for generations. Orders received by August 15th are freshly dug by hand in the fall when the roots are ripe for harvest and shipped September 15 to October 17th, the proper time for planting bare root peonies.

 Peonies are not harvested until the growing buds for next year are mature and are shipped every fall from September 15th until October 17th which is the proper time for planting.  If we dug them earlier they would not be done maturing their buds and going dormant.  Don't panic they like and need cold weather to start rooting! Hidden Springs Flower Farm is located in USDA growing zone 4 and we never plant our roots before the end of October.  You know you are planting at the right time if you need to wear a sweater or fall coat. 

Gold Medal Hybrid Peony Paula FayFragrant Gold Medal Peony Sea ShellGold Medal Winning Red Hybrid Peony Golden Glow

Peonies grow best in USDA Growing Zones 3-8 which are cold climate areas with hard freezes for extended periods during the winter.

We offer a wide range of peony colors and flower forms. Choose from fragrant, award winning, doubles, single and Japanese forms of peonies grown in fertile Minnesota soils.

Fall is the best time to plant peonies.

All of the peonies we offer are grown in Spring Grove, Minnesota and cared for by Brigitte and Harvey right here on our family farm. The fields are nestled in a valley between hillsides covered with majestic oaks, walnut and hickory woodlands.

Peony roots are freshly dug from our fields and fall shipped at the proper time for planting or if available can be purchased in pots at the nursery.

Join the growing number of garden friends that have discovered Hidden Springs great selection of Minnesota farm grown peonies.
We appreciate your visit and thank those of you who have selected our peonies to prosper and grow under your loving care.
Happy Gardening! Brigitte and Harvey

We are a small family farm, not a large corporation with no name, we take pride and responsibility for delivering a product we would like to receive ourselves. We hope you will take pride in growing the plants you purchase from Hidden Springs Flower Farm too.

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